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    About the fund

    "Management Company of the Russia-China Investment Fund for Regional Development” was founded in 2017.

    Among the Fund’s main investors are the biggest public and private companies of the People's Republic of China, including China National Nuclear Corporation, companies of Shenzhen Special Economic Zone.

    The Fund has 100 bn Renminbi under management.

    The main purpose of the Fund’s incorporation is investing into projects in Russia and abroad, realisation of which can have significant economical effect on overall development of Russia.

    Fund's history

    Foundation of the “Management Company of the Russia-China Investment Fund for Regional Development” was announced during the visit of the President of the People's Republic of China Xi Jinping to Moscow on July 4, 2017.

    Investment declaration of the “Management Company of the Russia-China Investment Fund for Regional Development” was signed by Rustam Ilmirovich Temirgaliev, Director General of the “Management Company of the Russia-China Investment Fund for Regional Development” from Russian side and Wang Feng, the Fund’s Chairman, from Chinese side.


    Fund's strategy

    The Fund’s prioritise the projects in the field of nuclear power industry, infrastructure, logistics and new technologies, as well as the projects within “One Belt and One Road” and “Volga-Yangtze” initiatives.

    Investment criteria

    The Fund's key investment criteria are the following:

    Minimal annual rate of return is equivalent to 9% in Renminbi

    Participation of Chinese side in the Fund’s projects, including technological and business partnerships, long-term supply contracts, subcontracts, service contracts, etc.

    Optional criteria

    No less than 15% of the project’s investment budget contributed by the project holder

    Collateral in amount no less than 30% of project’s investment budget

    Availability of additional mechanisms of protection of the Fund’s investments

    Fund’s financial and strategic control over the investment project


    Primary industry focus

    Nuclear power and medicine industry: construction of Nuclear Power Plants, nuclear power generation, nuclear fuel elements, etc.

    Metals, mining and mineral extraction, including raw materials for nuclear power needs

    Infrastructure and logistics




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    Wang feng .

    Chairman of the Board of Directors


    Founder of "Redwood" Capital Limited and "Sanlian" Investment Group.

    Held a rank of First Executive director of "Zhongguancun" International Economic and Technical Cooperation Corporation.

    Participated in development of «Hongda» Financial Investment Platform. Successfully closed private equity deals with institutions and companies in the field of Chinese national securities, in insurance and banking sectors. Cumulative volume of investments exceeds 50 bn Renminbi.

    Rustam temirgaliev .



    2015-2017: Vice-President of the Board of Directors of the Far East Development Corporation, Advisor to Director General of the Far East Development Fund.

    2013-2014: Deputy, First Deputy Prime Minister of the Government of the Republic of Crimea.

    In 2010 was elected as a deputy to the Supreme Council of the Crimea. From 2000 till 2010 was responsible for research and educational programmes.

    Completed Postgraduate and Doctoral programs at the Academy for Public Administration under the President of Ukraine.

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    Председатель экспертного совета



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